Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Safe surfing

Interesting article on the BBC website about internet safety for children. It's a difficult issue for parents, teachers and libraries to address and it's one that causes a fair number of complaints from library users.

What is acceptable filtering for one individual is crippling censorship for another, while one person's idea of acceptable material for a child to view is inappropriate to another.

Still - while I by and large think that CEOP is "a good thing", there is no substitute for vigilant and engaged adults helping children thought the internet maze.

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Mr Sam said...

It's not just a case of acceptable filtering. I've tried numerous times to get a perfectly innocuous site unblocked by Swansea libraries, without success. It isn't blocked for any particular reason, just because a) your technicians never manage to unblock it properly & b) the librarians I take it up with have a habit of transferring to other libraries a few days later, which - because no-one else can access their messages - means I have to keep going back to the beginning again.