Monday, 26 September 2011

Paige Turner has left the building

After almost 5 years of loyal and secretive service, Paige has finally hung up her quill and passed the blogging mantle on to some of the up and coming youngsters of the library service.

The blog will continue at the same address, and will be the place to catch up on all the goings on at Swansea Libraries (well - here and on Facebook and Twitter!).

There will even be the odd guest post from Paige herself (incognito of course).

Happy reading.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Two faced

The well established Swansea Central Library facebook page has been joined by a sibling Swansea Libraries - where you can find out information about all the wonderful libraries in Swansea.


I heart twitter

I was a slow burn (me?!), but I love how I can use it to talk about important cultural events with other interested professionals as they unfold.

Really though, Estonia?

Cilip of the tongue

There are many mixed feelings about CILIP (The Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals) in the realm of librarians and people who care about libraries, especially now when libraries across the country are under threat of closure.

However, I must pause to praise the recent CILIP Wales conference, held last week at the fabulous Metropole in Llandrindod Wells. I didn't go (some say I was banned..) but I did follow proceedings on Twitter and the conference was briefly trending at 4th in the UK - not bad for a bunch of Welsh librarians.

#cilipw11 for tweets from the conference.

I can haz weblog

OMG - I'm unblocked, I'm unblocked!! Posting to be resumed once I have finished cartwheeling down the corridor.