Friday, 9 November 2007

Collective nouns

I can't find one for librarians. Suggestions in use include "a catalogue of librarians", " a stack of librarians" and "a shush of librarians"..

No matter.

Anyway - all Swansea libraries staff will be coming together next week for the 4th annual staff conference - the one day a year when we can all get together for training and development. This year the keynote speaker is none other than Sergio Dogliani of the Tower Hamlets Ideas Stores. In the tradition of Italians bringing excellent innovation to South Wales, we are hoping for a good day.


Yesterday evening at around 8.20pm (while I was complacently watching The Bill), this blog had it's 2000th visitor!

Seems like only yesterday I was announcing the 1000th visitor and I've beaten my self imposed target of 2000 visitors by the blog's first birthday.

It does help that I share a name with an (ahem) "adult entertainment star", but some of you are real... aren't you?

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Recommended reading...


Recommended reading for delegates at the recent Internet Librarian International Conference 2007 was (I kid you not), this blog!!

Here's the proof -

That's the trouble with this blinking internerd thing - do I see a penny in royalties or conference fees?
I do not.
Am I bestowed with great honours by that organisation - what's it called, CLIP?
I am not.

Still the professional recognition, the pride, the warm rosy glow that someone somewhere reads this stuff.........