Tuesday, 18 December 2007


to "An Easy Christmas"

not in the office though - oh no.


Chuck Klosterman IV

I love Chuck Klosterman -he did the whole "eating nothing but McDonalds" thing years before Morgan Spurlock and Fargo Rock City is one of my favourite music books ever!


I hear on the grapevine that another refurbishment may be on the cards later this year in a Swansea library.

Watch this space for more news


Well, we've finished buying books for the new library and things are really gathering pace. The fit out of the library is now complete bar all the electrical and ICT equipment and a few bits and bobs like blinds and signage.

We will be going in on 21st January to start stocking all the shelves and training our 20 or so brand new staff prior to opening in mid March.

I will try to get some updated photos soon....