Thursday, 1 November 2007

Recommended reading...


Recommended reading for delegates at the recent Internet Librarian International Conference 2007 was (I kid you not), this blog!!

Here's the proof -

That's the trouble with this blinking internerd thing - do I see a penny in royalties or conference fees?
I do not.
Am I bestowed with great honours by that organisation - what's it called, CLIP?
I am not.

Still the professional recognition, the pride, the warm rosy glow that someone somewhere reads this stuff.........


Anonymous said...

Hi Paige

Do I sense a certain air of disdain for our professional body?
Are you unable to even get their name right? Why on earth does Swansea Libraries' Blog Queen in Residence feel this way?

Anonymous said...

Paige Turner,sure I've heard that name somewhere else before.Paige Turner........shall have to ask the lads.

Paige Turner said...

Hello "anonymous 1",

must have been a typo ;)
Sadly not my professional body due to a catalogue (geddit?!) of errors around qualification recognition.

Paige Turner said...

Hello "anonymous 2",

I don't know what you mean - do your friends read my blog too?