Wednesday, 18 July 2007

My favourite things

One of my favourite parts of this job (apart from arguing about the Dewey Decimal system and getting to wear comfy shoes to work) is buying books.

Today, I'm off on a book buying trip for the new Central library with some esteemed colleagues. I like buying most things, particularly adult non fiction and adult contemporary fiction. It's fair to say, in fact, that I like buying books for adults best of all. There is however one exception:

First rule of book buying - I buy the board books
Second rule of book buying - I buy the board books

I hope they've got this one, and this one
No library in the world can have too many copies.


Basheera said...

Hippos go Berserk! I love this book, and I only came across it as an adult. It was recommended by a hippy in Waterstones. :-)

Sophie said...

awwwww why can't I be a professional book buyer too, I am very good at it too *snif snif* :(