Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Another first!

The pilot RFID self issue system has gone live this week in Morriston library - making it the first RFID library in Wales. We're hoping that the new Central Library will offer 100% self service when it opens in March next year, beating even Sutton who currently claim the highest rates.

My particular favourite thing about RFID is the "animal noises" functionality described in this article in the local paper - and, yes - they did manage to get the word "bookworms" in again!


Anonymous said...

Be interested in how you stop major losses of your non-book stock. This is the main problem we found in Sutton. Placing non-book items in security cases simply led to the cases being broken open and the contents being removed.
Going "closed access" with CDs, DVDs, etc. has led to just about nil losses.

There was also an issue at the time we set everything up with payment. didn't think payment in arrears would go down too well with councillors. However, there is some light on the payment horizon with fines and charges payment potentially due some time this year - now to find the money to install it!!!

Having said that, would love to

Anonymous said...

Thought about getting your links to open in another window?

You know where to contact me if you'd like some hints - and I'm no html expert!!!