Saturday, 9 June 2007


Anonymous said...
Why not link this to your catalogue entry rather than to Amazon?
08 June 2007 19:06

Good question "anonymous". Like all the best questions, this one has a really simple answer - it doesn't work. I'm not sure why - may have to ask an esteemed colleague, but it doesn't.

However, rest assured that you can check availability of any titles I mention at any time by clicking the link on the right hand menu (scroll down a bit).

Not perfect but thems the breaks.


Anonymous said...

Hi all

thought Swansea Libraries had a new all singing and dancing library management system, should it not dance the Amazon way ? come on Paige can you work on the IT anoraks ?

Anonymous said...

Its to do with catalogue 'sessions' and the need for a stateless url. Amazon works differently, but then again, I bet their system cost a lot more than Swansea's did!

You can have your links - dead easy to sort out - just ask your friendly ICT PO how to do it next time you see him ;-)

P.S. In all honesty, have you *ever* met an IT person that even owned an Anorak, let alone wore one? People could get offended at that previous comment you know... ;-)

Paige Turner said...

Just what I was going to say actually - staleless URL's and all that.

I would ask him - I really would, but he's on holidays at the moment and I expect the LAST thing on his mind would be work ;)

And no, he doesn't have an anorak.

Anonymous said...

Having made the original comment about pointing to your library catalogue I've sent the relevant information to one of your Library IT team.
I'm no anorak or programmer but with a little help from the same system supplier I managed to get the direct link to the catalogue working. Not sure if this will work properly but as an example try this one For a catalogue record click here.

Paige Turner said...

Blimey - the power of the internet!
Thanks a lot -just have to get the guys to fix it up now ;)

IT, DIY - acronyms with I in them, I'm just no good at them.

BTW - I've been to Sutton Central library, and very nice it is too although the flooring in the kids area gave me a bit of a weird feeling.....