Tuesday, 6 March 2007

We're having a new library!!!

The new library in St Thomas is opening on Saturday 14th April! It's an exciting time as it's our first library co-located with a school. The building is brand new and will combine the St Thomas community primary school, the library and new community facilities, replacing the old school, Margaret Street nursery, library and community centre.

The old library is well overdue for replacing - and is an eyesore on the main approach to Swansea. However, the work that goes on within the library is fab, particulary the children's activities which are usually packed.

Hopefully our loyal customers will follow us up the hill a bit where they will be able to enjoy a spacious, modern space with loads and loads of new books!

Hope to post some pictures soon.... the bug is preening as we speak


Anonymous said...

Hi I'm glad to see Swansea libraries are opening new libraries. You seem to be bucking the trend. I know a new Central library is due to open early next year, but there hasn't being much information about it. When will the blog feature some information?

Anonymous said...

I pass the old St Thomas Library every morning on the way to work. It does look awful and is not a good advertisement for libraries in Swansea. Fortunately having used many of the other libraries in Swansea it’s not typical. I'll be glad to see it go and hope the new library will be a vast improvement, which I'm sure it will.