Tuesday, 6 March 2007


and hating Dying Light by Stuart MacBride.

I gave up after murder number 14 with no attempt to solve the crime or develop any of the characters.

This was sold to me as a cross between Rebus and Taggart (both of whom I love) but just because it's Scottish doesn't make it good and there's a difference between gritty and gratuitous.

Not that I mind gratuitous in the right setting - I'm a big Tarantino fan and Jack Reacher never killed a man who didn't deserve to die.

This however is button pushing masking a lack of writing talent (in my opinion....)



Anonymous said...

I agree totally - a crudely written, sometimes sexist novel with poorly developed characters. Didn't care enough to read to the end.

Anonymous said...

Each to their own. I found this to have quite a nice streak of bleak humour in it. It's no Rebus, but it fills the time okay while Mr Rankin works on his next installment.

At least with our excellent public libraries you can experiment with new authors and 'try before you buy'.