Monday, 11 January 2010

The thing about blogs...

is that they don't write themselves, even when you're really busy. What you need is someone to come along and invent something that extracts thoughts from your head and turns them into erudite and thought provoking blog posts, making you look simultaneously intelligent, witty, hard working, irreplaceable, beloved of the masses and furthermore - stops your boss asking you why you haven't updated the blog for a while.

Kind of like that bit in minority report.

Now that, dear reader, would be a technological advance that would impress even me. Maybe even more than if Blogger came with a spell checker.

Instead we get this , which lets face it, no-one needs.

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Mr Sam said...

It's a bit like a man - or a chocolate bar. You tell yourself you don't need one but when a sexy beast like that comes along, you still can't help wanting it.