Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Extra special reason to be cheerful

Comment number 73 on the One Show piece below reads:

73. At 8:53pm on 09 Feb 2009, Maggietilt wrote:
Very interested in your article about libraries. Swansea has a new library opened last year. It is the best I've ever come across. Books in the fiction section are set out in genre eg crime, historic novels, family saga. A wonderful children's section, can't wait to take the grandson on his visit at Easter. Upstairs in the non fiction section there are plenty of newspapers and magazines with comfortable seating areas overlooking Swansea Bay to the Mumbles. And then when you've finished in the library there is a great cafe to enjoy a coffee. Books can be signed out electronically and returned in the same way, no queing. I can order and renew books on line. Best of all the library is open on Sundays, it was full last Sunday. Swansea really deserve praise for getting their library so right - well done.

What a lovely warm glow of satisfaction...

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