Wednesday, 7 January 2009


one of my Christmas books,

A nice cup of tea and a sit down shortly to be followed by Enough , although I'm not sure how they'll work back to back. Can you have enough biscuits? Pink wafers maybe, but hob nobs... I don't know.

Hoping, as ever, for enlightenment.

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Sam said...

"Hoping, as ever, for enlightenment."

Then a good place to start is by asking 'what would Buddha do?' I reckon he'd opt for a boring old digestive, since pleasure is all in the mind & we should simply enjoy just being in the moment, irregardless of what we're nibbling upon. Jesus would no doubt hog all the rich tea, knowing that his sacrifice would save the rest of us from the wickedness of this flavourless, anticlimactic tidbit.

So I guess my penchant for jammie dodgers & chocolate hob-nobs indicates a distinct lack of character...