Monday, 7 July 2008

Amnesty International

OK, I hold my hands up, I've been AWOL for a while. It's not that Swansea Libraries hasn't been an exciting place to be or that I haven't had anything to report. Far from it, there's been loads going on and I have been utterly negligent in my duties. More of that later.

No, the sad truth is... I've been too ashamed to post.

Ashamed because I am a flagged user, a defaulter, an abuser of the system, operating on the very margins of a legal and just society.

I have had overdue books.

There - I've said it. I, Paige Turner, am no sort of library role model and not fit to communicate with you. But, salvation is at hand. My blushes will be spared by the good folk who run the library service here in Swansea.

For an amnesty has been announced, a chance for all those of us who have crossed the line to sally forth and become upright citizens once more. Between 14th July and 2nd August Swansea Libraries will be accepting back all overdue items FINE FREE!

It's an opportunity too good to miss - I'm off to clear out the attic.

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Gareth said...

You should set up an account with Library Elf as well for your sins Paige.