Tuesday, 18 March 2008

We have lift off!

Central Library is now open! I think it's fabulous - what do you think? Please leave any comments here.


Mark (Swansea) said...

Was privileged enough to visit for the opening yesterday, and it's an absolutely stunning library - a real tribute to all the hard work that has gone into it.

I'm sure the people of Swansea will love it - I certainly heard nothing but positive comments from all the other customers yesterday

Anyone reading this blog that hasn't hasn't had the chance to visit it yet, I would urge you to do so, it really is very much worth the time.

Congratulations to all involved!

P.S. Now come on Paige, get some photos up on the blog, I'm sure its not like you have anything more pressing to do right now ;-)

David W said...

The last time I had a library card was back in the 1980s and was largely replaced by purchasing books via Swansea and Cardiff Bookstores initially and then with the advent of Online Bookstore (Amazon and others) I got my books via that source.

I work in County Hall so took the tour and was very impressed with the open layout and facilities available and obtained a library card when it opened on Tuesday.

It took me a little while to hunt down the wall of Science Fiction/Fantasy (my staple reading since I was 10 or 11) and was pleased to see a lot of books I haven't read.

The self-service kiosks were great - was able to take out books with a receipt telling me when I had to return them in a couple of minutes via the touch screen kiosk facility.

I hope to select a couple more books Thursday to keep me occupied over the Easter Holidays and hope to use the service a lot.

The Local Swansea/Wales reference sections look very interesting and hope to be able to check out a lot of the other reference material on offer.

charliebobs said...

I've been in, it's amazing better than waterstones or smiths. Theres nearly all new books I can't believe theres any left!!!!!

Sophie said...

need to go and see the new library!!!!
Wheeepeeee a blog by a Swansea librarian!!!
We need more colour on this blog miss librarian (if you don't mind me saying?) but the contents are cool, I am excited abt this blog :)