Tuesday, 22 May 2007

What I meant to say...

of course, was that the highlight of the conference by far was the fabulous presentation of Mr Peter Gaw "Building new libraries in Wales" which was greeted with tumultuous applause by the hall.

Rather reminiscent of Magaret Thatcher's infamous neverending standing ovation at a Tory conference "back in the day". Not that Mr Gaw is a "child of Thatcher" of course. He's much older than than he looks.

Peter Gaw will be leaving Swansea Libraries soon to take up a position as head of Nottinghamshire Libraries. I'm sure that staff there will soon be able to chant their mission statement at will too.

Yes, definitely the highlight of the conference.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that our radical former Head of Libraries was well received by the 'profession' at large. If only he were Italian.. that would be a great IDEA !
The presentation the day before by a veteran librarian from a neighbouring authority was the highlight for me as the mixture of resigned humour, reality and eternal optimism is credit to those who work in library services who struggle to provide a modern service with less and less resources.