Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Top of the Pops

The public lending right report, which shows what is being borrowed in the greatest numbers from public libraries, has been published this week and once again Jacqueline Wilson is at the top of the author's list.

The Independant makes much of this and of the fact the JK Rowling "managed to reach only number 42" in this article from yesterday. Jacqueline Wilson is extremely popular, but being the most borrowed author is also heavily influenced (doh!) by the number of books you've written. One of the previous most popular authors (Catherine Cookson) had topped 100, and Wilson's output outstrips Rowling's more than 10 times over.

Anyway - that's no bad thing in my opinion and, bless her, the woman once described as looking like "the world's coolest librarian" finds something nice to say about us too.

"Every author is thrilled to know their books are selling but I know I share with many authors an almost greater thrill when your books are borrowed from libraries.
"My thanks go to the public library service and to librarians everywhere who work so hard to help ensure that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy books and reading,"

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