Monday, 6 September 2010

Keep on Running

So well, I was please to receive an email last week from "the powers that be", informing my erstwhile colleagues and I that the Paige Turner blog has been identified as the longest running UK public library blog. How cool is that?

Of course, I couldn't let my identity slip, so I joined in with the laments - "if only we knew who the mysterious Paige was - we could let her know "

Anyway - this is 100% true, a real librarian has said so, in print and everything.


Unknown said...


Not particularly relevant but something weird just happened & I have to share it with someone.

I was just on my lunch break when a bloke with a big pair of scissors came up to me & said "I'm going to cut off the end of one of your trouser-legs and give it to the library for reference".

I thought, "Well that's a turn-up for the books!"

I'm here all week, try the veal.

Swansea Libraries said...

Who better to share a library joke with, than a librarian.

Keep them coming. I, too, am here all week.

Anon the Librarian said...

Hi Paige Turner.


Up the road in Cardiff I am not even semi-official, but I blog anyway, as a demonstration of what is possible...

Been up since 2008. you're welcome to visit, if and when you get bored...

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